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Auto Lines / Auto Roster
An "auto lines" or "auto roster" is performed by the simulator when a team has insufficient players on its lines/roster. This can be avoided by frequently submitting updated lines files following each update.The league is not responsible for changes made when the "auto" function is used. As the simulator dictates changes this could mean promotion, demotion or waivers of players a GM would not have wanted.

At the end of the Playoffs the league will send out a link to an Awards ballot which each General Manager is asked to complete by the specified due date.On each ballot will be the name of each award, a brief description of what the award is and three (3) slots for nominees to be entered.Once the due date has past, the league will tally the votes received and release a final list of the top three (3) nominees for each award based on the votes received. In the event of a tie, all tied nominees will be listed which will push the total finalists above three.A second ballot will then be sent out where General Managers are asked to simply choose the most deserving of the nominees listed by a specified due date.Once the second due date has past, the league will tally the votes and announce the winners based on the votes submitted.In the event of a tie, the league will first send out an e-mail with only the tied nominees and GMs will be asked to submit votes once again but only for the nominees that are tied.

A team is declared bankrupt when they have a negative bank balance.
Once a team has gone bankrupt the Commissioner will determine the best course of action for the league moving forward and the franchise itself will be treated as if it were being contracted.

During the regular season all franchises are required to have a coach under contract for both their CHL and their Farm teams.
Just like players, all coaches have ratings based on a variety of skill-sets.

The coach rating categories are as follows:

All coach contracts are one (1) year deals:
The minimum wage for a CHL Coach is $250,000.
The minimum wage for a CHL-Farm Coach is $125,000.

If a coach is fired during the season they are owed exactly 50% of their contract, regardless of the point of time in the season when they are let go.

Coach - Off-Season Hiring Process
Coaches can be fired at will and hired at will. An offer should be sent to for any coach you are interested in. First come, first serve concerning coaches.

Coach Re-Rates
The league uses outside sources for the coach ratings.
During the off-season and prior to the hiring process all coaches get re-rated based on an average of outside sourced NHL-based ratings.

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

A player may be demoted from a team's pro roster to a team's minor league roster provided their contract allows. Players can be demoted using the STHS Client file to update their roster.
Any player that is 25 years of age or older must be placed on waivers when they are demoted which gives other teams in the league an opportunity to keep the player in the pros.
Players under 24 and under may move freely between the pros and the minor league as long as they have not played more than 20 pro games

The Commissioner may determine that expansion is necessary to either add a franchise / franchises to the league and increase the number of teams overall OR may be necessary to replenish a franchise after contraction.
In the case of adding to the number of teams in the league the league will inform all other General Managers no later than the State of the League Address.
Should expansion plans be announced an Expansion Draft will take place in the off-season prior to the team(s) entering the league.

Expansion Draft
An Expansion Draft is used to fill the roster(s) of an incoming team / teams by allowing the new team(s) to select "exposed" players from existing rosters.
Any players selected in an Expansion Draft must have their entire existing contract and any attachments (clauses, options) honored by their new team.
The Expansion Draft can last up to 20 rounds as the new team(s) fill out their roster. An expansion team may stop drafting at any point should they run out of players they want to select.
An expansion team may not select more than 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies during the draft.

Every existing team will be allowed to protect 9 forwards, 4 defensemen and 1 goalie from being selected.
All rookies and prospects are exempt.
For each player lost during an Expansion Draft a team will be reimbursed $1,000,000.

By playing a certain number of minutes (skaters) or taking a certain number of shots (goalies) in a game, a player's condition (CON) will decrease by a set value. A player's CON rating can be found at all times on the Team Roster page.
These numbers are represented in the chart below.SkatersMinutes Played Condition Hit20-125-230-3Defensmen see a bonus of 5 minutes extra per level above.GoaliesShots Against Condition Hit25-235-350-4All players' Condition heals at +1 per 1 day in the schedule.

Every General Manager is responsible for their franchise's team finances which consist of player and staff salaries, setting and adjusting ticket prices and finding other ways to earn additional revenue.

Financial Rewards
Below is a list of financial rewards that teams receive for specific achievements.

At the Pro Level
Amount Achievement
$5,000,000 President's Trophy
$3,500,000 Division Title
$500,000 Winning an Award
$250,000 Being nominated but not winning an Award   

In the Playoffs
Amount Achievement
$4,000,000 CHL Cup Winner (1 team)
$3,000,000 CHL Runner-Up (1 team)
$2,000,000 Conference Finals Runners-Up (2 teams)
$1,000,000 Quarter-Final Runners-Up (4 teams)
$500,000Series Sweep 

At the Farm Level
Amount Achievement
$2,500,000 Farm Championship
$2,500,000 Farm President's Trophy
$1,500,000 Farm Division Title
$250,000 Winning an Farm Award
$100,000 Being nominated but not winning an Farm Award

A "trade" or "roster" freeze is a period of time where teams are not allowed to complete trades or make changes to their roster.
The Commissioner will typically advise all General Managers when the freeze will commence and how long it will last well in advance.
During a freeze teams are welcome to continue negotiating and submitting finalized deals and updating their lines files, however no changes will be taken into account until the update following the end to the freeze.

Healthy Scratches
Healthy scratches are extra players that a team carries on its rosters in case of injury or suspension to another player.
Healthy scratches can be made up of any combination of forwards, defensemen or goalies.
By being listed as a healthy scratch a player does not dress or play in games, however they are still paid their required salary.
Injured or suspended players do not count towards a team's healthy scratch limit.

Over the course of the pre-season, regular season and the playoffs a player may become injured. Injuries are noted in the game boxscore and on the transactions page when they occur.
An injured player is automatically placed on their team's scratched list but do not count towards a team's roster limit.
A player's DU (Durability) rating indicates their ability to heal from an injury. The higher a player's DU rating, the less time they will be injured for.
When a player is injured his CON (Condition) rating drops based on the severity of the injury. When a player's CON rating drops below 80 his contract no longer counts against a team's payroll.

A General Manager is responsible for setting and adjusting each of his lines (CHL & CHL-Farm) over the course of the season. Lines are edited using the STHS Client File.
A team's line-up needs to be updated and re-submitted after a trade has been completed, a player has been injured or suspended or another roster move occurs. Failing to maintain up-to-date lines may result in the simulator requiring to automate a team and could lead to punishment for the GM.
In the event a GM is unable to access the STHS Client they may send their line changes via e-mail. This e-mail should detail ONLY the changes that need to be made and be as clear as possible.

Player A - plays 1st line LW, PP1 LW, PP3 LW and PK1 Wing
Player B - scratched

Should a GM know they are going to be missing in action for an extended period of time they should make arrangement for someone else to look after their team.

Lines - Pulling & Switching Goalies
While setting their lines GMs can adjust the settings to have the simulator automatically switch and pull their goalie based on a pre-determined setting.

To have a goalie switched out the settings are:
Minimum # of Goals Against
[b]Save % Under[/b]
To have a goalie pulled the GM simply has to determine how far from the end of the game the goalie should be taken out.

Farm Affiliates
Prior to the start of the pre-season all CHL teams are required to select their choice for a minor league affiliate for the entire upcoming season.
"Real" affiliates will take precedent, should two or more GMs request the same Farm affiliate. After that GM seniority will be the determining factor.
All Farm affiliates must come from the "real" minor leagues, either the AHL, ECHL or the SPHL.


Opening Day
Opening Day is the first day of the regular season and is the official start to the CHL year.
This is the first day that finances come into play and requires all teams to meet the league's roster size requirements.

Player Age
A player's age is determined in the off-season during re-rates and is based on their real-life birthday and a specific date that off-season (typically the first of a month - depends when re-rates are held).
Once a player's age is set during re-rates it will not change again until the following off-season regardless of when their birthday falls.

Player Positions
A player's default position is determined based on what position they play in the NHL when they enter the league during their NHL-based re-rate. This position can be adjusted at any point by the GM who can submit a position change request to the league via e-mail.
To adjust a player's position or add an alternate position to a player's profile a GM simply has to submit an e-mail request to the league summarizing which positions the GM wants the player to be able to play once the changes are made.
Forwards may be assigned to play any or all of the three (3) forward positions (Centre, Left Wing, Right Wing). A player's ratings in various rating categories may dictate which position they would excel in (ex. a low FO / Face-Off rating may mean the player should not be listed as a Centre).
Online proof (a trusted source link) is required to change a forward to a defenseman or vice versa.
When setting lines a player may play out of their listed position(s) but they may not play to full potential when playing outside their listed position(s).

Player Ratings
All players are given ratings in various categories in the simulator which are based on their NHL abilities.
The ratings legend is as follows:

Abbreviation - Attribute
CK - Checking
FG - Fighting
DI - Discipline
SK - Skating
ST - Strength
EN - Endurance
DU - Durability
PH - Puck Handling
FO - Face-Offs
PA - Passing
SC - Scoring
DF - Defense
PS - Penalty Shot
EX - Experience
LD - Leadership
PO - Potential
MO - Morale
OV - Overall
TA - TradeAvailable

Abbreviation - Attribute
SK - Skating
DU - Durability
EN - Endurance
SZ - Size
AG - Agility
RB - Rebound Control
SC - Style Control
HS - Hand Speed
RT - Reaction Time
PH - Puck Handling
PS - Penalty Shots
EX - Experience
LD - Leadership
PO - Potential
MO - Morale
OV - Overall
TA - Trade Available

At the end of the regular season schedule the top six (8) teams in each conference qualify for the Playoffs.

The pre-season schedule gives teams an opportunity to tinker with their rosters and lines in exhibition style matches.
The pre-season typically has each team play another team in their division in one or two games and is held prior to the start of the regular season.
The pre-season does not affect team finances in any way as no income is generated and no salaries are paid.
Any injuries that occur during the pre-season do carry over into the regular season.
There are no waivers during the pre-season.

Prospect List
The prospect list is a page generated by STHS which contains a list of each team's prospects. The prospect list may also contain any hold outs that remain after free agency.
Once a player is rated and over the age of 24 they must come off the prospect list.
Prospects can be signed to a CHL entry level contract at any time during the regular season and playoffs.

Regular Season Schedule
The regular season schedule is 76 games in length.

During the off-season players are re-rated based on their NHL performance during the year. These re-rates adjust their specific rating categories based on how they produce in comparison to league standard.

Rest Days
A rest day is a simulated day off that gives all players the equivalent days of rest.
No games are played on these days and no finances are affected.

A retirement in the CHL is completely based on a player retiring from the "real" hockey world.
The player will play out their contract before retiring in the CHL. Or once no ratings are available. Whichever comes first.

Roster Size

Pro - 23 players
Teams must carry 18 skaters and 2 goalies on game days (all healthy). These 20 players are known as the "active roster".
Of the 18 skaters, teams are required to carry at least 6 forwards and 5 defensemen. The remaining 7 positions can be filled out as the General Manager sees fit.
Teams may also carry up to 3 healthy scratches which can be a combination of any position.
Injured or suspended players do not count towards the healthy scratch limit.
20 players on the "active roster" and 3 healthy scratch slots bring the maximum total of pro roster players to 23.

Same as pro

Sim Days
A sim day is based on the internal STHS schedule for days and is numbered accordingly (Day 1, Day 2 etc.).
All injuries and suspensions are based on sim days.
Depending on the schedule, the league may choose to simulate more than one sim day in any given "real day" and will make an announcement in advance if that is the case.

STHS Client File
With every update done by the league STHS creates a league file in .zip format which is uploaded to the league website which GMs can download to their computers, extract and open with the STHS Client.
With the STHS Client open, File -> Open -> Locate File -> Open
Once the file has been opened a GM can double-click on their team name which brings them to the team information window.
First a GM should ensure their roster is complete by clicking 'Roster'.
In the 'Roster' screen you may promote players, scratch players, demote players and assign your captains. Your changes will be automatically saved when you click 'Exit'.
By clicking 'Lines' from the team information window you can adjust your lines, coaching strategy and decide when you want the simulator to switch goalies for you.
Click 'Exit' to save your changes. If you receive a line error message your lines may not be saved and you'll have to go in and redo them correctly.
In the 'Tickets and Arena' screen you may adjust their ticket prices. Click 'Exit' and save any changes made.
Once all the changes are made, go back to the team information window and click 'Save To File'. A window will pop-up after the save has been completed which will tell you where the file has been saved to. Attach this file to an e-mail and send it to the league to have your changes made.

Suspensions are determined by the simulator for inappropriate conduct. The simulator assigns a specific number of games that a player may not play after committing the infraction. Once suspended a player is automatically placed on the scratch roster.
Suspensions are listed in the boxscore and also on the transactions page as they occur.

Ticket Prices
Every General Manager is responsible for setting and adjusting ticket prices for their arenas in both the CHL and the CHL-farm.
Ticket prices are set and adjusted using the STHS GM file. Ticket pricing changes can be made under the "Finances" section of each team menu. These pricing changes will be updated when the saved lines file is submitted to the league and loaded in the next scheduled simulation.
Pro arena capacity is based on their NHL team's real-life arena capacity. The league uses wikipedia's arena capacity for hockey games as the source.
The total capacity is then broken down into five (5) seating "levels" based on the following percentages:

Pro Arena Breakdown
Level% of Capacity Level 133% Level 227% Level 311% Level 422% Luxury Boxes7% Minor league arena capacity is automatically 3,000 seats for all teams and is broken down into two (2) seating "levels" based on the percentages below.

MSHL Arena Breakdown
Level% of CapacityMax Ticket Price Level 130%$100 Level 270%$50 As indicated in the chart above, each level has a maximum ticket price allowed.

Trade Deadline
The Trade Deadline is a point in the schedule at the 80% of the regular season schedule after which no trades may occur.

A trade occurs between two or more team where any combination of players, picks, cash (up to $4 Million) and future considerations.
Trades can occur at any time outside of a trade or roster freeze.
To complete a trade, all GMs involved must e-mail the league (, CC-ing the other GMs involved with the exact details of the trade. Once all parties have e-mailed the same trade to the league, the trade will be approved with the next scheduled update.

Training Camp Points
During the pre-season teams are awarded 25 training camp points (TC points) which can be used to upgrade individual player ratings on their roster.
Training camp points can be applied to player rating categories to either increase or decrease the value.
Once applied training camp points cannot be adjusted on a player.
Once the pre-season ends all unused training camp points are lost. Training camp points do no carry over from year to year.

The requirements for teams using training camp points are:

  • No player may receive more than five (5) points in one off-season
  • No single category can be adjusted by more than three (3) points
  • Points may only be applied to players 32 years of age or younger
  • Points may only be applied to categories with a value under 90
  • Points may not be assigned to the categories: MO, PO, EX, LD and OV

During the season the league will post the time and date the next simulation and update is expected to occur, typically the day before it happens.
This "sim time" is when all roster changes and line submissions need to be in to the league to ensure they are reflected in that day's update.
While the league will do its best to update as close to the posted time as possible, delays do occur and the website may not see an immediate update.
During an update the league will load all team lines and roster changes first, simulate games and then puts through any trades or waiver claims.


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