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8/07/2020 7:53 pm  #1

Transactions 8/7/2020


TRADE : From Carolina Hurricanes to Calgary Flames : Y:2020-RND:3-VEG, Y:2021-RND:5-CAR.
TRADE : From Calgary Flames to Carolina Hurricanes : Brian Dumoulin (70).

TRADE : From Carolina Hurricanes to Vegas Golden Knights : Adam Fox (65), Y:2020-RND:3-CAR.
TRADE : From Vegas Golden Knights to Carolina Hurricanes : Jeremy Lauzon (63), Y:2020-RND:1-BOS, Y:2023-RND:5-VEG, Y:2023-RND:6-VEG, Y:2023-RND:7-VEG, Y:2024-RND:4-VEG, Y:2024-RND:3-VEG.

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